Yurts in 30 minutes (or less)

On the blog Wild China, Alex G writes about his travels in Inner Mongolia. He had the lucky experience of constructing yurts:

“Yurt building, I learned last Wednesday, is easier than one might think,” he writes. “After all, a yurt had to be quickly constructed and disassembled according to nomads’ cattle, horses, and lambs. Mongolians had to be prepared to move at the drop of a hat if sustenance for their animals, their main source of food, was no longer available.”

On his first try, he and his guests finished the frame in 30 minutes!

“While nomads could easily put these up in about 10, our first try at constructing nomadic housing wasn’t bad.”

Read his full post online, and check out his very cool picture of components of a Mongolian yurt:

components of a Mongolian yurt


Yurts in USA Today!

Wow, talk about mainstreaming yurtcations!

Nikki Jardin wrote a six-step process for vacationing in yurts. Her tips include making reservations (as many state parks now have yurts available for camping) in addition to what to pack, and when to go.

Read the full article online, and take a yurtcation yourself! It’s so easy!

Yurts and IDEO

A lot of people (myself included) love yurts because of their pleasing design.

And a lot of people love IDEO because it’s so good at design.

(If you’re not familiar with IDEO, it is one of the best-known design and consulting firms.)

Did you know that the conference room in IDEO’s Palo Alto office was modeled after a yurt “to give designers a quiet location in which to take notes or make impromptu sketches?”

IDEO's Palo Alto office

See more photos at newsweek.com.

Also, here’s a video about IDEO’s design process. It’s from 1999, but it still gives you an idea of what they are all about.

Survivor Yurt!

Remember Bob Crowley, “Survivor” winner and Maine resident? Well, he’s building a yurt.

“I hate spending money on stuff. It is built out of just trees and shrink plastic wrap from the boat yard in Yarmouth.”

How’s that for a survivor?

Read the full Lakes Region Weekly interview.

Bob Crowley

One more quote:

“I’m from Maine, and I have a camp on an island. I bring people out there and like entertaining and feeding them lobsters. Just about the only thing I like more than that is when I put them on a boat and send them away. Then I am all by myself. I can haul lobster traps and dig for clams and be alone.”

Yurts and Farms

Did you know that yurts are popular on farms? (At least they are in northern California, in my experience.) Maybe because yurts are affordable, environmental, and can be moved around? Who wouldn’t want to live in a yurt?

A few months ago I wrote about the yurts at Pie Ranch. Well, Pie Ranch’s friend* Blue House Farm also has yurts. I’ve seen them. Not only do I love Blue House Farm, I’m a member of their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program (sounds like a Hair Club for Men commercial). And a buddy of mine lives in one of the yurts.

If you’re looking for some yurtastic food, join a CSA like Blue House Farm. You may be able to visit the farm. And it may have yurts!

Blue House Farm

Beautiful photo from the Blue House Farm website. No yurt, but you get the picture.

You might also enjoy Yurts at Pie Ranch.

* They are friends because Blue House Farm supplies some of the fruit for the pies at Mission Pie. Oh, and they’re almost neighbors.

Cement Yurt (Smurf Village?)

On a recent trip to Southern California, we had to pull off the highway to check out what I thought was an urban yurt.

cement yurt

More like a cement yurt. Or something else?

Arts and Cult-yurt Saturday: Quilted Yurt

I love Google Alerts. Fellow yurt lovers, set one up for yurt. You’ll see all kinds of goofy stuff. A lot of my posts come from stuff that has come up from my Google Alert for yurt (that rhymes!). And once I had a double-alert for my office AND yurt—mind blowing.

Anyway, over the past few months I’ve seen a few alerts for yurts and quilts. I wasn’t sure what was up, until this week: Linzi Upton, aka the Quilt Quine, recently exhibited a yurt made of quilts.

Quilted Yurt

Apparently, Linzi rocked the Loch Lomond Quilt Show. And lots of people are writing about her. Check out her blog for more info, or google Quilt Quine. Or set up a yurt alert!