Yurts in 30 minutes (or less)

On the blog Wild China, Alex G writes about his travels in Inner Mongolia. He had the lucky experience of constructing yurts:

“Yurt building, I learned last Wednesday, is easier than one might think,” he writes. “After all, a yurt had to be quickly constructed and disassembled according to nomads’ cattle, horses, and lambs. Mongolians had to be prepared to move at the drop of a hat if sustenance for their animals, their main source of food, was no longer available.”

On his first try, he and his guests finished the frame in 30 minutes!

“While nomads could easily put these up in about 10, our first try at constructing nomadic housing wasn’t bad.”

Read his full post online, and check out his very cool picture of components of a Mongolian yurt:

components of a Mongolian yurt

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