Yurts and Farms

Did you know that yurts are popular on farms? (At least they are in northern California, in my experience.) Maybe because yurts are affordable, environmental, and can be moved around? Who wouldn’t want to live in a yurt?

A few months ago I wrote about the yurts at Pie Ranch. Well, Pie Ranch’s friend* Blue House Farm also has yurts. I’ve seen them. Not only do I love Blue House Farm, I’m a member of their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program (sounds like a Hair Club for Men commercial). And a buddy of mine lives in one of the yurts.

If you’re looking for some yurtastic food, join a CSA like Blue House Farm. You may be able to visit the farm. And it may have yurts!

Blue House Farm

Beautiful photo from the Blue House Farm website. No yurt, but you get the picture.

You might also enjoy Yurts at Pie Ranch.

* They are friends because Blue House Farm supplies some of the fruit for the pies at Mission Pie. Oh, and they’re almost neighbors.


3 responses to “Yurts and Farms

  1. Wow. I love CSA and therefore am a fan of farms and I like yurts too. (pie is nice as well)

  2. cool entry! a colorado yurt company customer, Adam, runs a farm called Round Earth in Colorado. He puts his interns up in tipis and yurts! check it out: http://roundearth.com/about-the-farm/internship-information

    disclaimer: i work for the colorado yurt company

    thanks again for a great entry, horray for local produce and yurts!


  3. Hi, I wrote a blog entry on Adam (the farm i mentioned above) check it out at info.coloradoyurt.com


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