Yurtcozy for Mother’s Day

Do you love your mom? Do you love yurts? Do you love making the world a better place?

Donate to Yurtcozy! Here’s some information from their site:

Yurtcozy logoYurtcozy is a nonprofit organization where people can help reduce climate change by purchasing a carbon emissions reduction credit from a microentrepreneur. When you purchase a carbon credit on Yurtcozy, you are helping a microentrepreneur receive access to a loan to switch to clean energy, while improving their quality of life.

“Ulaanbaatar is the coldest capital in the world. Winter temperatures hover around -4 F. Most residents live in round, tent-like structures called gers. While charming and practical on many levels, gers are not the warm home you might imagine. Most families heat their gers with coal, a dirty fuel that is a major cause of air pollution.

“During the winter heating season, Ulaanbaatar is one of the most polluted cities in the world. On average, households in the ‘ger district’ use 5 tons of coal and 1.5 tons or wood per year to heat their homes. Sixty percent of the pollution in the city during the winter heating system come from the ger districts. Sadly, many poorer families spend upwards of forty percent of their income on heating. Yurt insulation drastically lowers coal usage, which saves families money and reduces pollution.

“When you purchase a Mother’s Day gift on Yurtcozy, you are helping a mother in Mongolia keep her family warm, reduce dirty energy use and save money, so that they can build a better future.”

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