Art and Cult-yurt Friday (Saturday): Burning Man

A little behind on my art and cult-yurt this week, but wanted to highlight a yurt opportunity for folks in the Bay Area.

That’s great, but can you build a yurt? Free DIY yurt workshop in Oakland.
Tomorrow, April 25, from 2:00 to 4:00 at NIMBY space

Apparently (and not surprisingly), yurt building is all the rage at Burning Man. The Burning Man Special Events Team is supporting this event as part of a free series of interactive workshops (by Burners for Burners).

Not much of a Burning Man fan myself, but it’s nice that they are offering a free yurt event.

More info can be found on the SF Examiner website.

You might also enjoy Stuff on my cat, yurts on my truck.

Also, for folks who are not familiar with Burning Man, here’s the wikipedia entry (note: the article has multiple issues…ha!)


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