A Yurt With a View (for Earth Day)

Happy Earth Day! Just wanted to point out the New York Times’ shout-out to a yurt in upstate New York:

“In my view this is not an interesting time in history. Most of our intelligence is being funneled into technology and consumerism. I want my daughter to think differently, to experience more than this. I want her to be comfortable in nature, to know how to build a stone wall with her hands, to delight at the first bud appearing on a fruit tree. A yurt that sits on 18 acres with waterfalls and trees and hills makes that possible.”

—Michelle Menter, yurt owner, pictured below with daughter Elsa, 3, in Newfield, NY

Newfield, NY yurt

Not sure if I buy that this is not an interesting time in history, but check out the cool loft!

I must admit that I am a little bit disappointed because I thought the article would be in the real estate section: What you get for..$5,000? $10,000? Not sure what the yurt situation in Newfield is.

Also wanted to take the time to salute all of the yurt-dwellers, tiny house dwellers, and other alternative home dwellers for striving to use less energy on the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Woot!

photo: Jon Reis for The New York Times


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