Yurt + Dome = Yome

Another hybrid yurt for the collection: the Yome.

Red Sky Shelters in North Carolina manufactures the Yome:

“Like a yurt, the sides are nearly vertical, maximizing the usable space within”


“The dome part of a Yome is based on the same principles pioneered by Buckminster Fuller in his famous Geodesic Dome. No fence-like latticework covers the walls and windows, as in a yurt.”

You can check out the Yome specs at http://redskyshelters.com. Perhaps even more interesting though is The History of Tensile Architecture, which includes the history/examples of:

  • tents, tipis, and yurts
  • sailing ships, flying machines, and bridges
  • cable net structures, air supported structures, and tensioned fabric structures

(a special shout-out to Tiny House Design for turning me on to Yomes!)

You might also enjoy Igloo/Yurt/Tent/Tipi


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