The Yurt Project: Another recycled yurt

Impressed by the gertee? Well there’s another recycled yurt for you in Fort Collins, CO. Chase Carlton is building a recycled yurt and is chronicling the process on his blog, The Yurt Project. One particularly awesome post is The Art (and Science) of Scrap-Fu:

“Approach students. Close the circle at the feet of the master. You have come to me asking that I be your guide along the path of tae-kwon-leep Scrap-Fu, but be warned. To learn its ways, you must learn the ways of your own soul. Let us meditate on this wisdom now.

“I’ve gotten several emails lately asking me about my materials collection methods. I’ve spent years developing procedures to find and sources of economically feasible (read: mostly free) building materials. And now I’d like to share them with you.

“Kaden Harris talks about the art of scrap-fu in his book, The Eccentric Cubicle. He coined the phrase to describe the art of knowing what you’re looking at in a scrap yard. I’d like to extend that definition to include all forms of materials scrounging, whether it be dumpster diving, cull hunting, or anything else.

“There are many methods with which you can obtain materials at less-than-retail prices:

  • Dumpster Diving
  • Scrap Yards
  • Cull Bins
  • Craigslist and Freecycle
  • Local Industry
  • Luck

“These are just a start, but they are the main methods I use.”

(he then goes on to explain each method in more detail)

“Happy hunting and remember that the path of Scrap-Fu is not a road to a door, but a path leading forever on to the horizon…”

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