Art and Cult-yurt Friday: Joone

Yurts in children’s books? In Joone by Emily Kate Moon, the title character lives in a yurt:

” Joone is a spirited little girl who lives in a yurt with her grandfather and pet tortoise, Dr. Chin.  The story follows her adventures in a typical day, which in Joone’s case, is not so typical.

Joone is somewhat autobiographical — or at least her activities are.  I do love eating ice-cream sandwiches and I make a ritual of saving worms from rain puddles, but Joone is still very much her own character. She wandered into my head one day, fully formed, and bugged me until I realized I had to write about her. What I love most about Joone is her ability to enjoy every moment and her sincere love for the world around her.”

Visit Moon’s website to see illustrations from the book!


One response to “Art and Cult-yurt Friday: Joone

  1. I looove Jooone!

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