How Yurts Work

The website has a fantastic, comprehensive article about yurts. It includes:

  1. How Yurts Work
  2. Yurt Structure
  3. Mongolian Yurt
  4. From Camping Yurts to Luxury Yurts: The Yurt Today
  5. Benefits of Yurt Living
  6. Lots More Information

One of my favorite parts is this diagram about the structure of the yurt:

How Yurts Work (diagram explaining layers of the yurt)

“The yurt has an ingenious structure. It can be broken down into a few lightweight pieces for easy transport, but when assembled, it can stand up to the roughest winds. A yurt even withstood a tornado in Japan that damaged the surrounding houses.”

Source: Edmonds, Molly.  “How Yurts Work.”  07 July 2008. 10 March 2010.


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