DIY Yurts: Yestermorrow School

Interested in owning a yurt, but hard-core enough to build it without a kit? The nonprofit Yestermorrow Design/Build School teaches yurt courses:

“Turkic yurts have sheltered people since Heradotus wrote histories 2000 years ago. The Mongolian people simplified the Turkic design, using straight wall rods and rafters. This design is the simplest, most sustainable and easiest to build version of the yurt possible. With minimal woodworking skills, a home of complex and magical beauty can be made at an amazingly modest cost. This course will lead you through building walls, door frame, rafters, roof ring, roof ring supports, dome, tension band and covering. As the group saws, drills, glues, nails, and lashes pieces of wood together that comprise the yurt framework, and cuts and joins materials for the covering, you will gain the experience that will allow you to make your own yurt of any size for a fraction the cost of a kit version.”

$300 for a two-day course is an excellent deal (though you’d have to get yourself to Warren, Vermont).

PS: their philosophy and other courses are very interesting–may be worth a trip to Vermont!


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