Yurts of the West

Despite their central Asian heritages, yurts are blowing up in the West. There are families who live in yurts year-round, yurts for rent online, and even yurts in the American state parks system. As far as I can tell (from my mad googling skills) yurts have been in the United States at least since the 1960s but if you know of older yurts in the West, please let me know.

A New York Times article from this past New Year’s Eve introduced more Americans to yurt living (though the Times has run several articles on yurts over the last two decades). The McKittrick/Higman family lives year-round in an Alaskan yurt (with a baby!), which is more hard-core than most. It’s title, Broadband, Yes. Toilet, No, which indicates where priorities lie for their family.

Unlike Central Asian yurts, yurts in the West are constructed with different materials (canvas, Plexiglas, etc.) are often made to stay in one place.


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